Nesma Airlines Begins Operating Dom...
Nesma Airlines Begins Operating Domestic Flights from Hail Regional Airport
Nov 2016

On Thursday 25 Muharram 1438, corresponding to October 27, 2016, Hail Regional Airport witnessed the launch of Nesma Airline's first flight after receiving the National Commercial Air Operator License from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).
Mr. Hamad bin Rashid Alkhemaish, the Director General of Northern Airports, stated that Nesma Airlines will make the city of Hail the center of its operations, after it was chosen to operate Hail's hub airport, which is the first step towards the National Project for Hub Airports. This project aims to facilitate the travel of citizens and residents cities across the Kingdom and nearby countries, without the total reliance on international airports.
According to Khemaish, Nesma Airlines flights through Hail Airport will start with an average of two round trips a day with the destination of (Qaishumah – Tabuk). Other destinations will be gradually added on a weekly basis, which will help connect Hail Hub Airport to all Kingdom wide airports.
He added: "During the upcoming period, Nesma Airlines will gradually increase its flights operating frequencies." Stressing the continuation of other airliners' scheduled flights operation through Hail airport, such as (Saudia Airlines, Flynas, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Egyptian Nesma Airlines), aiming to reach a total of 200 weekly flights through Hail Airport.
For his part, CEO of Nesma Airlines, Mr. Faisal Bin Saleh Al-Turki said that the Airline will operate one flight Hail-Turaif, two flights Hail-Qaisumah, two flights Hail-Arar, two flights Hail-Rafha, in addition to three flights Hail-Aljouf, three flights Hail-Tabuk, three flights Hail-Qaseem, and four flights Hail-Madinah. In November, scheduled flight to other major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam will also be included and announced.
Regarding the Airlines' fleet, Al-Turki said: Nesma Airlines is planning to increase its fleet during the next three years, to reach six aircrafts type ATR72-600 for flights operating in the northern cities, one aircraft type Airbus A319 and another Airbus A320 for flights operating from Hail Hub Airport to major cities. Another A320 aircraft along with two Airbus A321 will operate commercial flights between Jeddah-Riyadh and Jeddah-Dammam.
Al-Turki explained that the Airlines began selling tickets through its website and the company's outlets and travel agents. He stated that Hail Airport administration handed Nesma Airlines all necessary locations within the airport boundaries in order to start preparing the locations for aircraft maintenance, air catering, and commercial flight operations.
Al-Turki thanked the General Authority of Civil Aviation for its efforts to complete all Nesma Airlines' procedures within one year, which is the fastest launch for a commercial aviation company, hoping to achieve the positive shift aspired by the General Authority in terms of air transport services in Saudi Arabia.
It is worth mentioning that Hail Airport is currently studying the expansion of the existing airport terminals in the near future, as well as expanding the aircraft parking area to keep up with the flights to be added as per the airport's capacity. Recently, the car parking project has been awarded on a global company specialized in parking lots management, in terms of improving, shading and operating. These projects come as part of the General Authority of Civil Aviation's pursuit to provide better services and improve operating levels through Hail Airport.
About Hail Hub Airport
Work on Hail Airport project began in 1394H (1974) and ended with the airport's opening back in 1399H (1979). Its strategic location grants it special importance in respect to aviation traffic in the Middle East, as it lies on the navigation routs convergence point that links Europe, Asia and Africa. This made Hail Airport a strategic location point for adjacent regional countries, facilitating the launch of operating international flights from/to Hail Airport. The General Authority of Civil Aviation is the official operator of Hail Airport, which includes a single runway equipped to receive the majority of medium-sized and large-size aircrafts, in addition to three Helipads and a landing strip allocated for Air Ambulance, and seven airport aprons for medium-sized and large-size aircrafts parking. The airport currently runs 83 weekly between local and international flights. The latest 2015 stats put the number of passengers at 801,000 annually; in 2016 that number is expected to reach 850,000 passengers, an increase of 7 percent.
Hail Airport also includes local and international departure and arrival lounges with all the necessary equipment and basic facilities for passengers' comfort during his departure or arrival to Hail City. In addition, there is a lounge allocated for executive offices to serve the VIPs and Notables. Currently, The General Authority of Civil Aviation is seeking to expand the hub airport to serve all citizens in the north of Saudi Arabia, and link it to all other provinces, in alignment with the expectations of the future Saudi vision 2030.
Hail Airport saw a number of development stages as follows:
  • 2009 – 2010: Development of the airport runway to accommodate medium-sized and large-sized Boeing 747-777 and Airbus 320-321-330 aircrafts.
  • 2012: Commencement of the expansion and improvement of the airport terminal lounges and facilities to keep pace with the launch of international operation.
  • 2013: Completion of the international lounges, plus the launch of international flights to/from Hail Airport operated by different airlines.
  • 2015: Hail Airport was chosen to be a Hub Airport to gradually link all Kingdom's airports through Hail Airport due to its strategic location.
  • Early 2016: the General Authority of Civil Aviation, in cooperation with Nesma Airlines, completed several preparations to take the Hub Airport to its operating phase. The Hub Airport is an initiative by the General Authority aiming to provide air transport services linking all cities in the Kingdom, north to south.

Nesma & Partners Fadhili Bachelor C...
Nesma & Partners Fadhili Bachelor Camp and Integrated Buildings
Nov 2016

Nesma & Partners was awarded the Fadhili Bachelor Camp and Integrated Buildings project for its client, MASIC company. The project will include the development and construction of residential buildings and support facilities which cover 687,900 square meters, to accommodate 2,500 employees and other supporting organizations. The bachelors camp will include two and three residential buildings, dining and kitchen, a mosque, a clinic, fire station, residential trash enclosures, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.
The Fadhili Bachelor Camp will also include industrial support facilities such as a camp maintenance shop, a furniture store, an industrial trash enclosure station, laundry, roads and parking, electrical power, non-electrical utilities systems, site preparation and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

Nesma at the International Forum fo...
Nesma at the International Forum for Religious Tourism
Nov 2016

Four Nesma companies participated in the International Forum for Religious Tourism in Cairo during October 10-11. The participants were Mawaddah, Namma Tours, Nesma Airlines and Namma Shipping.

NT&T: Ministry of Interior Fiber Op...
NT&T: Ministry of Interior Fiber Optic Network Project
Nov 2016

Nesma Telecom & Technology is working on a project for the Ministry of Interior to build a fiber optic network that links Riyadh region with Makkah (MIFON 3). NT&T is working on the third phase of the seven-phase project where each phase is connected between two regions to form an accumulative network.
The distance at which the third stage serves, which is more than 1,200 km, will help to link 160 locations for the Ministry of Interior, in addition to serving different sites on the highways.
One of the priorities during implementation was to keep all existing networks in the area intact, including water, electricity, and web networks. Therefore, NT&T followed special drilling methods in addition to the instructions of the project management team.
Azzam Wali, Manager of NT&T’s OSP Division explains, “MIFON 3 is very different from other Fiber Optic Networks projects. It includes connecting enormous number of sites and covering a long route passing different geographical ground forms including valleys and mountains. This project adds more value to Nesma experience especially through dealing with a VIP client with the aim to perform professionally with up to date equipment and methods of implementation.”
MIFON 3 started in 2014 and it is estimated to be completed by March, 2017.

Nesma Holding Hosts Qaderoon Meetin...
Nesma Holding Hosts Qaderoon Meeting
Nov 2016

Nesma Holding recently hosted Qadroon Network meeting, to share Nesma Embroidery’s successful experience in hiring female employees with disabilities. The meeting included discussing sharing best practices and lessons learned by Nesma Embroidery in providing a work environment that welcomes and engages employees with disabilities.
The Qaderoon meeting also included an open discussion session with Qaderoon Network General Manager, Khalid Sendi, Nesma Embroidery General Manager, Rana Zumai and Dr. Mirvat Tashkandi, Advisor to the Minister of Labor in people with disabilities program “Tawafuq”.
Qaderoon is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to help companies become better employers of people with disabilities.

NTC Hosts Training Courses for Nesm...
NTC Hosts Training Courses for Nesma Accountants
Oct 2016

The first training courses for Nesma’s accountants in Jeddah, designed by Naim Shah, were held at Nesma Training Center with the aim of reinforcing their understanding of business English and accounting through a series of courses lasting up to 16 months, that will take students from pre-intermediate through upper intermediate levels.
Participants have undergone screening tests in English and have been divided into two groups based on the results. Each group began at the appropriate level of language instruction.
A welcome meeting was held at NTC auditorium before the start of the courses to introduce the employees to the program.

Mawaddah Welcomes Sudanese Pilgrims
Mawaddah Welcomes Sudanese Pilgrims
Oct 2016

Recently, Jeddah Islamic Port welcomed the arrival of the first batch of Sudanese pilgrims on the Mawaddah ferry, which was carrying around 1,300 pilgrims. The Sudanese group was welcomed by the General Director of Jeddah Islamic Port, the Consul of the Republic of Sudan in Jeddah and the Ministry of Hajj’s representative in Jeddah. This year, Namma International Marine Services ferries, Mawaddah and Mahabbah, will carry around 12,500 pilgrims round-trip.

NDIGITEC: 1st Premium Print Lounge
NDIGITEC: 1st Premium Print Lounge
Aug 2016, a product of NDIGITEC, has opened a new print service lounge in the Dubai Design District (d3). This lounge is the first of its kind in the entire Middle East region., headquartered in Dubai Production City, offers round-the-clock service to customers all across the region and aims to take its customized service to a new level with the new premium lounge at d3. The new outlet is part of the company’s strategy to become the region’s most preferred web-to-print partner for conducting business, with a customized unique interface for professional and personal users in the Middle East.

Nesma Airlines: Celebratory Flight...
Nesma Airlines: Celebratory Flight to Hail
Aug 2016

Nesma Airlines’ first aircraft landed at Hail Airport in August 2016. The flight included Chief Executive Officer of Nesma Airlines, Faisal Al-Turki, Deputy CEO, Anwar Basha Sheik, Nesma Airlines employees, directors and strategic partners, in addition to journalists and guests.
During an award ceremony in Hail, Nesma Airlines received an air operator license from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) which allows Nesma Airlines to run domestic and international flights, starting with Hail Regional Airport. The ceremony was conducted in the presence of Prince Abdulaziz bin Saad, Deputy Governor of Hail, and Capt. Abdulhakim Albader, Assistant to GACA President for Safety, Security and Air Transport.
Nesma Airlines Saudi Arabia is planning to develop the northwestern town of Hail into a central hub in partnership with the Al-Anan Tours and Travel Company. Nesma will use its incoming fleet of four ATR72-600s, leased from Hail, to serve Madinah, Tabuk, Gurayat, Jouf, Arar, Turaif, and Rafha. A pair of A320-200s will also be used to operate flights to Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam by the end of the year.

Nesma-Havatek Awarded Fadhili Gas P...
Nesma-Havatek Awarded Fadhili Gas Project
Aug 2016

Nesma-Havatek has been awarded a contract by Tecnicas Reunidas to construct storage tanks as part of their Fadhili gas program. Nesma-Havatek competed against 16 bidders to win this offer and it considers this project as a milestone for the company.
Nesma-Havatek’s scope of work includes engineering design, material procurement, fabrication and erection of 12 Nos. API 650 storage tanks. Engineering design will be supported by a team from Turkey and complete fabrication and erection will be undertaken by a team in Saudi Arabia. Tank fabrication will start in December 2016 and projected completion date is October 2017.
The Fadhili gas program is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019. The project will become a key component of the Kingdom’s master gas system, processing gas from both onshore and offshore fields.

Mawaddah Among Top Ten Companies in...
Mawaddah Among Top Ten Companies in 1437A.H
Aug 2016

Mawaddah International Group was ranked by the Ministry of Hajj as one of the top ten companies operating pilgrims services, due to its excellent performance during the year 1437 A.H.
Also, for the second year in a row, the Ministry of Hajj honored Mawaddah for its participation in the Pilgrims Welcoming Program during the holy month of Ramadan.
Mawaddah Int’l Group for Hotel & Umrah Services (Mawaddah) is a hotel operator that specializes in the provision of Hajj and Umrah services. The company has several hotels under management in both Makkah and Madinah, and works through an extensive network of travel agents and tour operators across the world. Among the services offered are issuing of Umrah travel visas, arranging air and sea travel to/from Saudi Arabia and providing in-Kingdom ground transportation.

Nesma Trading Awarded Petro Rabigh...
Nesma Trading Awarded Petro Rabigh Project
Aug 2016

Nesma Trading’s Technical System Division was awarded a project worth SAR 134 million; Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical started the Petro Rabigh project with the aim of building integrated oil refining and petrochemical operations by way of upgrading Saudi Aramco’s oil refinery and constructing a new petrochemical complex.
The project scope includes Intrusion Detection and Assessment System (IDAS) for 23 km of fence consisting of CCTV monitoring, Microwave Intrusion Detection System (MIDS), and Fiber Optic Fence Security System (FOFSS).The project also includes Long Range Detection and Assessment System (LRDAS) consisting of long range cameras (up to 10km detection and recognition) and radars, Security Access Control System (SACS) on the gates and inside the buildings including access control and IP CCTV monitoring; License Plate Recognition System (LPRS) on the gates, installation of new crash rated barrier for almost 21 km, security control center systems consisting of video wall and operators console, demolition and construction of new gates, construction of new UPS buildings, and upgrading fence lighting.
Nesma Trading was chosen after becoming an approved security systems integrator by the High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS).

NT&T Provides Innovative GSM Soluti...
NT&T Provides Innovative GSM Solutions
Jun 2016

Nesma Telecom & Technology (NT&T) has earned a reputation as the exclusive trusted brand for camouflaged structures. These unique solutions include the Mosaic Tower, the Light Pole and the TV Hybrid solution, to name a few.
The Mosaic Tower idea came in response to the needs of a growing population with growing telecom requirements. Modern urban areas in the Kingdom needed an aesthetic solution to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) towers for the three main providers, STC, Zain and Mobily that fit with the urban landscape and provided functionality along with superior service. The engineers at NT&T presented the client with the solution of a single tower to be used by all three providers.
The Mosaic Tower camouflages what would normally be industrial steel and wires with an environmentally friendly, artistic monument. The tower is covered with mosaic panels that can be customized to any design, and are specially manufactured of shatterproof vitroplex polycarbonate to minimize any transmission loss. The company has installed over 40 towers to date in Riyadh and Dammam and will soon begin installing its towers in Jeddah. Future towers will have varied designs such as an hourglass shape and a traditional look with Islamic patterns and writings.
Similar to the Mosaic Tower, but designed for a single carrier, is NT&T’s visually customizable Light Pole. This structure can house various types of transmission antenna (RF/MW/RRU) in order to provide better coverage and doubles as a light pole with a beautiful aesthetic design.
Another innovation that NT&T brought to the Saudi market is a hybrid fibre/analog solution provided to the Royal Commission in Jubail. This product for TV Hybrid Cable provides 100 channels going to nearly 20,000 customers and replaces the traditional dish system. The project is expected to be accomplished by the end of 2016.

Nesma Renewables Group
Nesma Renewables Group
Jun 2016

Nesma Renewables Group is a new addition to the Nesma family and will be developing independent power projects (IPPs) in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa region. These are projects usually developed for the country’s main electricity producer such as the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) in Saudi Arabia. Renewable energy is an energy produced using a natural resource that is rapidly replaced such as solar power, wind power and biomass. Nesma will be designing, constructing and operating renewable energy power plants.
Amaan Lafayette, the CEO of Nesma Renewables Group, holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin and studied Mechanical Engineering at De Montfort University in Leicester in England. He is an energy industry professional with over 17 years of experience including 15 years with the German utility EON holding roles within the UK in the Networks business, EON New Build and Technology, EON Conventional Power Generation and EON Climate and Renewables. In the Renewables field he worked in project development, research and development, infrastructure asset management and operations, innovation, new market assessment, new market entry and strategy.

Nesma Security Gains ISO 9001:2015...
Nesma Security Gains ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Jun 2016

Nesma Security has passed the final external audit from SGS for ISO 9001:2015 and is now officially ISO 9001:2015 certified.
SGS is a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. ISO 9001:2015 is a global Quality Management System that provides a framework and set of principles that ensure a common-sense approach to organizational management to consistently satisfy their customers and other stakeholders. The ISO standards will benefit Nesma Security by improving their security systems through standardized processes, increasing customer satisfaction by improving safety and quality, and allowing access to new markets through the compatibility of their products and services.
Romel Jeries, Nesma Security General Manager, commented, “I am very proud that our team made it, and I am sure this achievement will have a positive impact on our reputation and our share in the market.”
Nesma Security started the ISO 9001 certification process in December 2015, and the final audit by SGS was in May 2016.

Nesma Concrete Solutions Jeddah Fac...
Nesma Concrete Solutions Jeddah Factory Now Operational
May 2016

Nesma Concrete Solutions (NCS), a joint venture between Nesma Holding and the Kandussi Group Austria, have announced that their factory in Usfan Jeddah is completed, commissioned and is now in full production. The company was formed to bring new unique concrete block building solutions to the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. The new factory is state of the art and uses the American manufacturing technology, Columbia CPM 50 production line.
NCS, through its partnership with Kandussi Austria, brings 50 years’ experience in the production of concrete products and the development of new innovative solutions to the construction industry.
NCS spent the early part of 2016 testing all product molds and achieved excellent results during this phase. At the beginning of March 2016, NCS went into full production under the direct supervision of the highly trained and experienced technical team from Kandussi Austria.
The NCS Team are excited about the future, having already introduced their new NCS SSB range of standard blocks with an innovative interlock system that only requires mortar horizontally. The NCS SSB system significantly reduces construction time, increases accuracy, provides a high quality finish and yields above average compressive strengths.
Throughout 2016, NCS will continue to develop new solutions and implement ISO 9001 standards. Our target is to become a key player in a very competitive market by focusing on quality and continuous improvement. --End

Nesma to Bring Alban El-Malky to Sa...
Nesma to Bring Alban El-Malky to Saudi Arabia
May 2016

A new addition to the Nesma Group arrives in June with the opening of Alban El-Malky, a restaurant featuring delicious dairy confections. The Alban El-Malky company has extensive experience as a leader in the dairy industry in Egypt dating back to 1917. El-Malky manufactures and distributes its own milk products twice daily using the latest technologies and equipment. Their current factories are located in Alexandria and Cairo.
El-Malky’s reputation for high quality, excellent tasting products has led to the company’s steady growth in size and reputation. The company has numerous branches in Egypt, primarily in Alexandria, Cairo and Giza. There are also two branches of El-Malky in Kuwait. Over the next two years, Nesma plans to open 25 El-Malky branches in the Kingdom.
The restaurant opening in June, in the Al Salama District of Jeddah, will feature dairy sweets such as ice cream, yogurt, milk, feteer, tarts and even warm desserts.

Nesma Security to Hire 500 Employee...
Nesma Security to Hire 500 Employees
Apr 2016

Nesma Security signed an agreement with Dammam Social Development Committee (DSDC) to hire 500 employees within one year. This agreement demonstrates Nesma Security’s commitment to its community and will have a positive impact on the company’s reputation in the Eastern Province. In the past, Nesma Security has had trouble attracting a sufficient number of locals for their operations; however, with this agreement the company will be able to quickly fill vacant positions while doing its part to help the community.
DSDC will be providing Nesma Security with candidates for vacant security guard positions according to the company’s needs and requirements. This process will continue for a whole year with the aim of increasing the employment of Saudis in the Dammam area.
Romel Jeries, Nesma Security General Manager, expressed his excitement for the agreement, stating that “The contract is considered to be part of Nesma Security’s commitment to participate in the development of Eastern Province society. We appreciate working with the “Dammam Social Development Committee” (DSDC) because they know best who is looking for a job and which families need support; so this partnership will enable us to recruit those people who most need employment.”

Nesma Water & Energy Celebrated its...
Nesma Water & Energy Celebrated its 5th Anniversary
Apr 2016

On April 11, 2016, Nesma Water & Energy (NW&E) celebrated its 5th anniversary since establishment of the company by Saleh Al-Turki, President, Nesma Holding, Mahmoud Fallatah, CEO of NW&E and Eng. Abdulaziz Gabel. The last five years was a period filled with many challenges, obstacles and critical strategic decisions. Patience, growth management and teamwork were the main factors in overcoming these circumstances and assuring today’s success.
Within six weeks of inception, NW&E had secured five projects; one with the Ministry of Water & Electricity (MOWE) for operation and maintenance in the Dwadmi and Affif regions and four with the National Water Company (NWC) for replacement of 96,000 water meters in Jeddah.
In 2013, NW&E was awarded the first mega project with the NWC worth approximately SAR 511 million, a very important, strategic, rush project to enhance water resources in Riyadh. Although challenging, the project was completed successfully and was followed by a two-year operation and maintenance contract. The company is proud that it was then awarded for the Best Global Water Project during the National Water Summit in Paris in early 2014.
As a result of its phenomenal growth, Nesma Water & Energy was eligible to become a First Class Contractor by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. In 2014, NW&E expanded its expertise into the infrastructure market by including King Abdullah Economic City in its top-notch client list and acquiring two large infrastructure projects. The Industrial Valley Phase Two and Al-Murooj Beach Community Two valued around SAR 400 million. 2015 saw the acquisition of additional contracts with MOWE and NWC as well as the acquisition of another two contracts for 26,000 water meters in Jeddah. NW&E was also awarded a project to build four water treatment plants in Riyadh, Dhurma, Hail and Al-Ahsa for the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON).
NW&E celebrated its 5th anniversary during the April Board meeting headed by Sh. Saleh Al-Turki by exchanging congratulations and gifts. In addition, there was a family oriented social gathering for NW&E staff, which took place in a resort in the Obhur area.
“Today we can say that we have a distinguished company with the ability to carry out complicated projects, and we are very proud of it and proud of Engr. Mahmoud Fallatah who is carrying it from one success to the next,” says Sh. Saleh.
NW&E has ambitious plans not only to continue expanding in its present market fields but also to embark on new endeavors on local, regional and national scales. This includes renewable and green energy in line with global sustainability trends, as well as Build Operate Own Transfer (BOOT) projects as part of the national privatization movement in the water and power sector.
NW&E released a movie to mark the occasion which can be viewed here (

Nesma Airlines Becomes New ATR Airc...
Nesma Airlines Becomes New ATR Aircraft Operator in KSA
Apr 2016

Nesma Airlines recently took delivery of their two first ATR 72-600s aircraft. These aircraft will operate within Saudi Arabia, where the airline is developing regional connectivity with the support of the national government. The two aircraft delivered are leased from Dubai Aerospace Entreprise (DAE) Ltd.
Nesma Airlines and ATR also signed an 8-year Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA). Under this GMA, ATR will provide Nesma Airlines with a comprehensive technical support for their ATR 72-600 aircraft. The agreement includes a on-site spare parts inventory, access to ATR’s spare part pools, and the single channel management by ATR of the maintenance, repair and overhaul of propellers, engines, landing gears, and LRUs (Line Replaceable Units). The GMA includes also a direct delivery of these equipments at the customer’s premises through a tailored door-to-door service.
In addition to the availability and repair services, ATR will also handle airframe maintenance for “C” checks and calendar inspections of the aircraft. The Global Maintenance Agreement will help the airline to ease maintenance costs and tasks, while providing accurate and timely services and the expertise and knowledge from the aircraft manufacturer.
Faisal Al Turki, Chief Executive Officer of Nesma Airlines, declared: “We are honored to receive our first regional aircraft and start developing short-haul connectivity in Saudi Arabia with these versatile and efficient aircraft. The ATR 72-600s have proven their robustness and suitability for all types of regional operations worldwide, and have also become a reference in terms of comfort and leading-edge technologies”.
Firoz Tarapore, Chief Executive Officer of DAE, underlined “the strong attractiveness of the newest ATR 72-600s for leasing firms. This is, by far, the preferred regional aircraft in the market. It provides us with outstanding commercial opportunities allowing to expand our customer portfolio and to optimally diversify our business, with the most modern and cost-efficient regional aircraft.
Patrick de Castelbajac, ATR’s Chief Executive Officer, declared “We are pleased to welcome an operator that has ambitious plans to expand regional air connectivity across Saudi Arabia. As seen in recent months, we strongly believe in the potential of our newest and most technologically updated ATR -600s for the development and upgrade of short-haul networks in the Middle East”.
Nesma Airlines, a member of Saudi Arabia’s Nesma Group, is the flag carrier of both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabic Republic of Egypt. Nesma Airlines operates scheduled domestic flights within Saudi Arabia as well as international regional flights. Nesma Airlines is a full-service carrier, and took to the skies in June 2010.

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