Namma International Marine Services...
Namma International Marine Services Co. Welcomes Returning Pilgrims 
Feb 2022

Namma International Marine Services recently welcomed a group of Umrah pilgrims who sailed from Sudan. The pilgrims, the first after a long delay due to COVID-19 were each given a gift bag. In addition, the company hosted local dignitaries on board the ship Aziz providing them with a tour and complimentary lunch.

NIT Receives Huawei Award
NIT Receives Huawei Award
Feb 2022

During Huawei’s special Awards event in Dubai, Nesma Infrastructure and Technology was awarded as the Fastest Growing Partner for the year 2021. Fouad Alsherebi, NIT’s Chairman, received the award from Mr. Eric Yang, Huawei’s CEO in Saudi Arabia.

Nesma Renewable Energy - Leadership...
Nesma Renewable Energy - Leadership in Renewable Energy
Jan 2022

A consortium, including Nesma Renewable Energy (NRE) which is headed by CEO Amaan Lafayette, is in the construction phase of two large renewable energy projects in Saudi Arabia. Both projects are being executed by a joint venture of Masdar, EDF Renewables and Nesma Renewable Energy.

Nearing completion is the Dumat Al Jandal wind farm, the first of its kind in the Kingdom and the largest in the Middle East. This USD $500 million project uses 99 turbines to generate around 400MW of power from the wind. Located in the northern part of the Kingdom, this wind farm has already begun generating electricity and when completed this year, will be able to power 70,000 homes annually, displacing about a million tons of carbon dioxide each year. Under the terms of a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA), the electricity generated will be purchased by the Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC), a subsidiary of the Saudi Electricity Company.

The second project is the South Noor solar PV project located 50km southeast of Jeddah. Using the sun to generate electricity, this 300MW solar field will connect to the main electric grid to power homes and businesses. The consortium has signed a PPA with SPPC, which authorizes the group to finance, design, build and operate the plant for 25 years based on an agreed-upon purchase price for the electricity generated.

This Jeddah solar power plant will utilize the latest technology in the photovoltaic (PV) market, combining bifacial PV modules with mounting structures that use single-axis tracking technology to maximize energy generation by following the sun’s position throughout the day. State-of-the-art robots will also be used to clean the modules. The project is expected to be operational by the end of this year.

Renewable energy projects such as these are sustainable, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help the country reduce its oil consumption. Per the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, its National Renewable Energy program has a strategic goal to generate 50% of its energy from natural gas and renewable sources by 2030.

Nesma Companies Win Prestigious Mid...
Nesma Companies Win Prestigious Middle East/Africa Awards
Jan 2022

Nesma Water & Energy Wins PFI Award
Project Finance International (PFI) named the Nesma Water & Energy consortium’s Yanbu - 4 project as its “PPP Deal of the Year” for the Middle East & Africa region. The public private partnership project won because of its several innovations. As an independent water project with a 39km transmission pipeline - it is a Saudi first, and at a cost of about $880M USD is a major project. Another innovation is the inclusion of solar energy to provide approximately 20% of the operational power consumption and reduce the plant’s impact on the environment. In addition, it is the first desalination project in the Kingdom to serve both holy cities of Makkah and Madinah with drinking water. Nesma Water & Energy has teamed up with Mowah and Engie on this project.
NRE Named in Environmental, Social & Governance Award
PFI awarded its ESG Platform Deal of the Year Award to Saudi’s Renewable Energy Project Development Office round two solar program for the low solar price tariffs it was able to achieve. The program included the Nesma Renewable Energy 300MW solar power project in Jeddah, a public private partnership project (PPP) that is part of a consortium with Masdar and EDFR. PFI noted in its announcement that the price tariffs were some of the most competitive achieved globally.

First Nuclear Plant in KSA
First Nuclear Plant in KSA
Dec 2021

Nesma & Partners signed an MOU with “Bouygues Travaux Publics” at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, France to implement all civil and construction works at the first nuclear power plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The MOU was signed following establishment of a strategic partnership between Nesma & Partners and the nuclear electric power generation company Électricité de France.

Nesma Water & Energy Begins Constru...
Nesma Water & Energy Begins Construction Phase
Dec 2021

NW&E began construction on the Yanbu-4 and the Jubail 3B water projects, both of which are reverse osmosis, desalination projects incorporating solar energy to lower operational costs.

In addition, both consortiums have chosen NW&E CEO Eng. Mahmoud Fallatah as Chairman of the Board. These two unique mega projects illustrate how NW&E is playing a leading role in the vital Saudi water sector

Namat Creations Serve Formula 1, Th...
Namat Creations Serve Formula 1, The Groves
Nov 2021

Namat was chosen to create embroidered caps, T-shirts, vests and masks displaying slogans and logos for the Formula 1 race to be held in December at the new Jeddah Corniche Circuit. In addition, Namat will provide embroidered caps and facemasks for the Groves Zone at Riyadh Season.

Nesma Telecom & Technology Rebrands
Nesma Telecom & Technology Rebrands
Nov 2021

On September 15th 2021, after a couple months’ of brand development workshops, Nesma Telecom & Technology announced that it is changing its name to “Nesma Infrastructure & Technology” (NIT). The logo was inspired by a sky-view of a city grid.

Nesma & Partners: Main Contractor f...
Nesma & Partners: Main Contractor for Avenues Mall, Riyadh
Nov 2021

Nesma & Partners (N&P) signed an agreement with Shomoul Holding Company to be the main
contractor for Phase 1 of The Avenues Mall in Riyadh. Valued at SAR 6.2 billion, The Avenues Riyadh Phase 1 Mall project is expected to produce nearly 40,000 job opportunities in the central region and play a significant role in promoting the Kingdom as a tourist destination while enhancing the retail and services sector.
One of the largest commercial malls in the Middle East.

Jollibee Opens New Store
Jollibee Opens New Store
Oct 2021

Jollibee Saudi Arabia has opened a new store, their 13th in the Kingdom, at the Riyadh Gallery Mall. The store inauguration was highlighted by the ribbon cutting ceremony led by the leadership team including Faisal Y. Bamhrez, Tristan San Pedro and Turki Basabrain.

Riyadh Gallery Mall is in the top three malls for foot traffic and is known for big names in the fashion industry making it a go-to for shopping. The Jollibee store is located in the food court and is open from 10:00am to 11:00pm daily.

N&P Publishes First Sustainability...
N&P Publishes First Sustainability Report
Oct 2021

Nesma & Partners has published its first Sustainability Report focusing on its environmental,

social and governance (ESG) performance for 2020, and illustrating how sustainability has

become an integral part of N&P day-to-day business activities.

The report, which Nesma & Partners plans to issue annually, contains comprehensive

proceedings of ESG sustainability efforts throughout the company that align with Saudi Arabia’s

Vision 2030 while complying with national standards of sustainability and the United Nations’

sustainable development goals.

Nesma Vice President Noura Alturki stated that Nesma & Partners has shown leadership in

issuing the first sustainability report in the Nesma Group. She said, “Such reporting is critical to

increase transparency and promote a holistic view of companies - beyond a purely financial

focus. This is why we have made 'sustainability' a core business area within Nesma Rise, in

order to encourage our companies to achieve environmental, social and governance goals as

part of their commitment to responsible business.”

NT&T Wins NEOM Project
NT&T Wins NEOM Project
Sep 2021

Nesma Telecom & Technology has been awarded an artificial intelligence (AI) project in NEOM,

the visionary city taking shape in northern Saudi Arabia. The AI will serve the Customer Unit

project by providing a digital ambassador virtual assistant, customer service ChatBot and

intelligent conferencing with a real-time translation system including automatic summarization

in both Arabic and English, in addition to remote sensing intelligent twins for satellite and drone

image processing.

This end to end solution will reduce overall costs by boosting efficiency as it offers business

personnel preset industry workflows that speed application development. Customers can get

excellent results after minimal training.


NEOM exemplifies Vision 2030 as a futuristic, zero-carbon city intended to draw the brightest

international minds together to drive global innovation.

“Nesma Telecom & Technology is proud to be involved in building the digital infrastructure of

the futuristic city of NEOM commencing with this artificial intelligence project. It offers us an

opportunity to present our skills in innovative technologies.”

CEO, Salah Sami Al-Sunaid

Art & Form in N&P Project in Al Ula
Art & Form in N&P Project in Al Ula
Aug 2021

Nesma & Partners has again been tapped to lend a hand in shaping the culturally significant

Al Ula region, an area designated for responsible development that meets the Royal Commission for AlUla’s vision of a world heritage destination exemplifying nature conservation and collaboration with local community.

The Ashar Electrification Project, which began in June of last year and valued at over 200 million SAR, is a power substation and network incorporating cutting-edge technology in its design while drawing inspiration from the ancient Nabataean structures nearby, which in turn, mimic naturally occurring spaces and masses in the wind sculpted rock. The precast and perforate skin of the building aids in efficiently cooling and ventilating while blending with the beautiful, red desert landscape of Al Ula.


This project, with its aesthetic, environmentally and culturally sensitive design, is shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Award and complements the Vision 2030 goal to implement the latest technologies and design artistry.

Nesma & Partners’ slogan is “Together, we build excellence,” and with Ashar Electrification Plant project we had the opportunity to realize the vision that the Royal Commission for AlUla has for this wondrous landscape and cultural heritage. It’s an honor for Nesma & Partners to work on this prestigious project that allows us to demonstrate our values of “excellence” and “impact.”


Fahad Alshehri

General Manager of Marketing, Communications & Sustainability

500,000 Safe Hours for Nesma Water...
500,000 Safe Hours for Nesma Water & Energy Team
Aug 2021

Nesma Water & Energy celebrated the completion of 500,000 safe hours at Zaydi Water Network Project located in Makkah.

The safety award was presented by CEO ُEng.Mahmoud Y. Fallatah to Project Manager Mahmoud Al Ramadi and his team

Nesma Water & Energy Wins Bahraini...
Nesma Water & Energy Wins Bahraini Project
Jul 2021

NW&E has won a second project in Bahrain, this time at the Madinat Salman (AMAS) and Ramli housing developments. This transmission augmentation project, which is administered and funded by the Saudi Fund for Development, is valued at over SAR 97 million.

The scope of this 18-month project includes the detailed engineering design, construction, testing and commissioning of various water station works under an EPC contract in two lots including site pipework, civil works, MEICA works, SCADA, telecommunication works, fiber optic cables and communication with the water control center.

Nesma United Industries News
Nesma United Industries News
Jun 2021

Nesma United Industries, formerly Nesma Trading, is training more than 45 newly joined employees to be certified safety officers and obtain (Kawader ) certification via a 9-month course provided by Nesma High Training Institute.
In other news from NUI, the company is taking several measures to be diligent about COVID-19 prevention. At the Zahid Business Park project, a record of daily health surveillance is made at the main site entrance and includes monitoring the temperatures of all who pass the gate.
The HSE team also regularly sanitizes offices and labor camp accommodations along with fully sanitizing all buses.

Nesma Water & Energy Wins Jubail-3B...
Nesma Water & Energy Wins Jubail-3B Sea Water Desalination Project
Jun 2021

This month saw another record achievement for Nesma Water & Energy as its consortium with French company Engie and Saudi company Alajlan closed on the Jubail 3B Independent Water project (IWP) to have a capacity of 570,000 m3/day of potable water, a one-day storage capacity and a levelized water cost of SAR 1.59/m3.

By incorporating solar energy, this reverse osmosis, desalination plant set to serve Riyadh and Qassim provinces, is designed to have reduced operating costs during its 25-year concession term.

The SAR 2.61B project will contribute SAR 1.5B to the Kingdom’s GDP.

Makkah Bus Launched at Digital Exhi...
Makkah Bus Launched at Digital Exhibition
Jun 2021

Modern Bus Co. launched its new, advanced technology Makkah Bus at the recent, week-long Makkah Region Projects Digital Exhibition held at the world’s largest dome, the Jeddah Super Dome.

The new bus was inaugurated by His Royal Highness Khaled bin Faisal Al Saud, Governor of Makkah province, who was briefed on the Makkah Bus line’s modern, high-tech integrated system that will serve Makkah residents along with Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

The bus was designed to meet the transportation needs of locals and visitors alike with a sophisticated, secure and sustainable operation consistent with the aims of Saudi’s Vision 2030.

NDigitec - Ready for Event Boom
NDigitec - Ready for Event Boom
Jun 2021

NDigitec is ready to kick off the event season with expertise in high quality exhibitions. Its fabrications, digiprint, and digimedia divisions specialize in organizing cultural events, festivals, and conferences. The Digi media team also adds cutting-edge solutions such as AR, VR, a variety of digital content, interactive media creation and machine learning.

Executive Manager of Digiprint & Fabrication, Raffi Kavlakian, says “The team uses modern, eco-friendly d-board materials as they’re a versatile marketing solution that also improves your brand image.”. NDigitec’s fabrication team have provided brand enhancing exhibition booths for well-known companies such as Tesla, Amazon, DESC, MedEl, HSBC and Master Card.

NDigitec strategic collaboration with Nesma subsidiary, Sarab Entertainment, will help advance the technologies, production and entertainment industry. According to Sarab Director, Sumai Ounallah, “We are building a brand that will stand out as the leading events and Entertainment Company in the region.”

NW&E Wins World Defense Show Contra...
NW&E Wins World Defense Show Contract
May 2021

Nesma Water & Energy has won a contract with Sela Co. to provide airside civil works for the World Defense Show 2022. 
The contract, valued at nearly SAR 80 million, is to be completed within 166 days and covers the construction, completion, maintenance and delivery of infrastructure and road works. 
The World Defense Show, founded by KSA’s General Authority for Military Industries, is set to take place in Riyadh, March 6-9, 2022, and demonstrate defense interoperability while showcasing cutting edge technologies in the land, air, sea, security and satellite defense domains.
The show aligns with Saudi’s Vision 2030 goal to localize 50% of domestic military expenditure and be a leader in future defense technologies.

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